🎊BinaricX Christmas Special🎊

22 December 2020

🎊Christmas Special🎊

Christmas is coming! BinaricX’s Santa Claus is giving Christmas present to everyone 🎅

Just trade at least 12,500 USDT (including leverage) on Christmas day and will get a Christmas Bonus from BinaricX’s Santa.
Keep trading and stay a chance to get 10,000 USDT Christmas Bonus!!

🎄Lets celebrate a warm Christmas with BinaricX🎄

🕰️Event time: December 25th, 2020, 0:00  start till 23:59 (UTC +8)


Rules& Regulation

  • Participant’s account must be passed KYC real name authentication.
  • System will calculate participant’s total trading volume on 2020/12/25  23:59 (+8 UTC Singapore time) by the following condition:
    • All trading order must be closed within the time frame as per above mentioned.
    • All trading order must use USDT to trade.
    • VST and bonus trading order are NOT BE COUNTED as apart of trading volume achievement.
  • How to get bonus:
    • Participant will get a bonus reward when the trading account accumulates minimum target of 12,500 USDT (including leverage) Trading Volume before 23:59 (+8 UTC Singapore time).
  • The bonus is calculated based on the participant’s cumulative trading volume as below, the categories are following by:

🔎 Trading volume more than 12,500:    30 USDT (X20) Bonus

🔎 Trading volume more than 25,250:    50 USDT (X20) Bonus

🔎 Trading volume more than 125,000:  100 USDT (X50) Bonus

🔎 Trading volume more than 252,500:  200 USDT (X50) Bonus

  • Each account can only get a bonus once a day (excluding other promotion and event), system will be based on the highest trading volume and orders to reward bonus to participant.
  • The reward bonus is valid for 2 days and must be used within 2 days after the bonus is issued, otherwise, the bonus will be overdue.
  • Promotion Period (time follow by +8UTC Singapore time)
    • Promotion date: 2020/12/25 00:00 – 23:59
    • The bonus will be issued at 12:00 noon daily within promotion period.
  • Activity Channel: Trading in BinaricX App