Announcement on Adjustment of Withdrawal Fee (03/09)

3 September 2020

Dear BinaricX users:
Due to the increase of Ethereum blockchain transfer fees around the world, BinaricX will perform an adjustment to the transaction fees of ERC20 from 4 USDT to 15 USDT in order to avoid the block congestion and ensure a smooth withdrawal of your assets. This action will start from 9:00 AM (+8 UTC), 3rd September 2020 onwards.

The withdrawal fee of ERC20 is temporary increased to 15 USDT(minimum amount of single withdrawal is 20 USDT ). It is recommended users to use OMNI as the priority chain to perform withdrawal.
Thank you for your support and trust in BinaricX, we will provide you with a safe, fair and convenient trading environment!

BinaricX Operational Team