12 June 2021

Dear User:

To “Withdraw”, you can follow these steps:

**Please go to BinaricX Website**

1. Click “Wallet”,  then click “Spot Wallet” to proceed Deposit.

2. Click “Deposit”

3.Select the coin you want to deposit in the drop-down list or directly search for the name of the coin

Click [arrow sign] to change asset type
Click [Search Coin] to enter the coin you want to deposit

4. Select “Network”, then copy your deposit address to the third-party platform to deposit into BinaricX Exchange

5. Deposit notification
You can check the status on the notification bell and your email for successful deposit into BinaricX Exchange

1. If you need to enter the specified MEMO/TAG/Payment ID/Message for the deposit coin you choose, please enter it when deposit, otherwise it will not be credited. There will nothave a handling fee for top-up, and there is no minimum or maximum limit.
2. For deposit, BinaricX has corresponding supported blockchains. Some currencies only support the ERC20 chain, and some currencies only support the main network chain. Please deposit through the blockchain supported by us. If you do not confirm the blockchain supported by the deposit coin, please contact the WeChat administrator or official customer service to confirm.

Thank you for choosing BinaricX as your reliable trading platform.
BinaricX Social Media Group