BinaricX 【Account Verification】Guide

4 May 2021

Dear User:

To perform “Account Verification”, you can follow these steps below:

**Please login to BinaricX Website: **

  1. Click on “Verify Account” to do Account Verification

  1. Go to “Level 2 Documentation Verification” ,click “Verify Now”
  2. Click either one for verification (Identity Card or Passport)

  1. Follow the steps on screen:
    • Key in Name (same as Identity Card or Passport)
    • Key in Identity Card Number or Passport Number
    • Upload required document (Identity Card or Passport  “Front” and “Back” Photo)
    • **If not clear regarding upload document, may check the sample by clicking on “View Sample”
    • Click “Continue”



  1. Click “Take a Selfie”, “Activate Webcam” to proceed  selfie verification.

**User must unsure that it is the holder of the identity card who taking the selfie**

**Hold the original “Identity Card” and write “BinaricX + Today’s Date” on the  paper

  1. After taking  a selfie, user can check whether the photo is compliant, if it is not compliant , click on “Retake”, else click “Use This”
  2. Confirm all is done, click “Submit”

  1. The application need 1-2 days for confirmation after submission

  1. User can proceed for “Level 3 Verification” , once “Level 2 Verification” has approved.

Click “Verify Now”

  1. User need to make sure the webcam is turned on,  and the face is fit to the screen frame, then read out the “Sentence” display on the screen

User may click the “Red Button” to start recording  once user is ready.

  1. Click “Submit” if the recorded video is done.

The application need 1-2 days for confirmation after submission

  1. Account Verification is done

Thank you for choosing BinaricX as your reliable trading platform.

BinaricX Team