BinaricX Data Migration Notice (01/05/2021)

1 May 2021

Dear BinaricX users:


BinaricX was having a data migration on 03:20 am, April 30, 2021, and completed at 21:00 pm, April 30,2021 and it was causing users unable to log in to the accounts in this period of migration.


System will compensate back the capital if the order was unable to be closed due to the inability to log in during the migration period.


Compensation regulations:

  1. Order was liquidated due to the inability to log in during data migration will be compensated with full amount of the capital.
  2. Please contact our customer service email: [email protected] or any BinaricX marketing person.
  3. The compensation will be processed starting on May 3, 2021 (Monday).


Thank you for your support and trust in BinaricX, we will provide you with a safe, fair, and convenient trading environment!


BinaricX Operational Team