BinaricX Under Maintenance Notice (25/11)

25 November 2020

Dear BinaricX users:

BinaricX server is under maintenance to fix the unable login issue. System will close temporary, until further notice.

BinaricX hereby promises that if your unexpected loss is caused by the system, platform will return your model!

Sorry for inconvenience


Order that are unable to close and leads to liquidation:

If user is unable to open the order page during this period, which leads liquidation, please contact customer service or BinaricX Marketing Team for record.

The following data must be provided:

  • phone account
  • Screenshot of the liquidation order (the time for liquidation must be between 06:00 till system maintenance period)

Thank you for your support and trust in BinaricX, we will provide you with a safe, fair, and convenient trading environment!


BinaricX Operational Team