BinaricX【Sign Up & Account Login】Guide

31 March 2021

Dear User:

To “Sign Up and log in to an account”, you can follow these steps:

**Please go to BinaricX Website**

  1. In Homepage, may sign up a new account either using “ Email” or “Mobile Number” ,fill required information and click “Sign Up”

  1. Enter Password(At least 8 UPPERCASE and lowercase (A-z) with numeric (0-9) characters)
  2. Set up Trading Pin
  3. Enter Referral ID(optional)
  4. Click “Sign Up”

  1. Drag to verify, ”Drag the left slider to verify”

  1. Receive an 6 digit OTP via email if sign up by email , or via SMS if sign up by mobile number. “fill in the OTP” ,click “Submit”

**Please fill in the OTP within 2 minutes **

  1. Setup “Google Authenticator” ,scan the QR Code and key in the 6 digit code get from the google authenticator


**If user does not have Google Authenticator, may click  on “Download” button to download the application from AppStore or Play Store

  1. Once successfully setup Google Authenticator, may key in the 6 digit code from google authenticator

  1. You are successfully login to Binaricx platform once you entered the correct Google Authenticator code, you can browse the account interface, transactions, etc.



Thank you for choosing BinaricX as your reliable trading platform.


BinaricX Team



BinaricX Social Media Group