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  • Click “My” -> Click “Security Center” -> Click “Reset” at Login Password-> Key in One-time Password (OTP) and Key in the New Password.

  • Click “My” -> Click “Security Center” -> Click “Reset” at Fund Password-> Key in One-time Password (OTP) and Key in the New Password.

    • Please confirm if the phone number is correct as per the account number.
    • Please confirm that the phone number is active.
    • Please confirm that you did not unsubscribe from the SMS function or install any SMS blocking APPs.
    • If you have yet to receive any OTP, it could be the Telco issue. Please be patient and try again later.
    • If still unable to receive any OTP, kindly contact our customer service.
  • Click “My” -> Click “Authentication” -> Select “ID Card” or “Passport” -> Key in Name and ID / Passport Number -> Upload a Photo.

    Note: For the last photo, you’re required to hold the ID / Passport along with a paper written “BinaricX” and date of application. The system will review it within 3 working days; the result will be shown next to “Authentication”.

  • KYC identity authentication is based on your nationality, binding your name and identity certification to improve the security of your account.

  • You only need to register and download the BinaricX APP to get a bonus. Applying the Know Your Customer (KYC) is required to improve account security and future withdrawals.

  • Click “My” -> Click “My Bonus” -> Select the Bonus and Click “Use”

    Note: Terms and conditions apply to all bonuses. If the bonus has not been used, the bonus will expire and cannot be used again.

    • The 100 USDT will be divided into 5 periods to be released.
    • Users will get 5 USDT on the day of registering BinaricX (can’t be used once it is expired)
    • Users will get 10 USDT and 15 USDT the next day of registering BinaricX (can’t be used once it is expired)
    • Users will get 20 USDT once their trading amount reach 150,000USDT (include leverage, can’t be used once expired)
    • Users will get 50 USDT once their trading amount reach 300,000USDT (include leverage, can’t be used once expired)
    • Different bonuses will have different requirements. To know more about the requirement, kindly check “My Bonus”.
  • Dear BinaricX users:

    The investment of digital currency is of high-yielding and high-risk investment behaviours. Please make corresponding investments according to your own risk appetite and bear your own profits and losses. The official platform will not organise and guide users to open bills in any forms, including but not limited to shouting orders, taking orders, and acting on the market. Should the user choose to follow other people’s billing or actively hand over funds to others for trading, please verify the identity of the other party carefully, evaluate the other party’s risks of malicious trading, defrauding funds, and escaping with funds.

    Accidental property damage

    The platform will not obtain any user account passwords and funds on the basis of any behaviours such as calling orders, taking orders, or operating orders to help users earn funds. Please keep your account passwords and funds in a safe place. Additionally, please do not disclose your account and password to others in order to protect your own funds.

    Thank you for your support and trust in BinaricX, we will try our best to give you a better trading experience and service!

    From BinaricX Team

  • The speed of credit depends on the speed approved by the platform or wallet you used. The faster the transfer speed of the users’ wallet or trading platform, the faster it will be deposited into BinaricX wallet.

  • BinaricX will automatically process users’ withdrawal within 24 hours. As a part of BinaricX risk management measures, we will randomly pick a few users’ withdrawals for manual review. This process will take 5-15 minutes for manual checking, except midnight time 12.00 am until morning at 9.00 am. Please be patient.

    If you do not receive anything more than 2 hours, please provide us with the following information:

    Account number (Phone Number):
    Receiver Address (OMNI / ERC20):
    Actual Amount of Withdrawal:

  • Generally, we do not provide retrieval service for when you input the incorrect address.

    Please state the issue, your BinaricX account number, the type of currency, address, amount, and TXID (Most Important). Our customer service agents will try our best to help you.

    If we are able to retrieve it, we are required to install software and upgrade the wallet and other processes. The whole retrieval process will take 1 month or more. Kindly be patient.

  • Users can transfer assets to another BinaricX account via internal transfers.

    For BinaricX IB whose level is Level 2 or above, handling fees will be waived.
    Whereas, for BinaricX IB whose level is below Level 2, there will be handling fee charges as below:

    Handling fees: 5 USDT (The actual deposit amount will show the net amount after deducting the handling fees)
    Minimum amount to transfer: 10 USDT
    The cumulative daily transfer limit: 1,000,000 USDT

    Handling fees: 4 USDT (The actual deposit amount will show the net amount after deducting the handling fees)
    Minimum amount to transfer: 6 USDT
    The cumulative daily transfer limit: 1,000,000 USDT
    The speed of withdrawal is much faster via internal transfers. BinaricX IB whose level is below Level 2 will be charged for handling fees. Kindly note that this function is limited to asset transfers between different BinaricX accounts.

  • There are no charges for when you cancel copy trading. You can cancel anytime.

  • A contract, also known as a futures contract, refers to a standardised contract to deliver a certain amount and price of cryptocurrency at a specific time in the future. The cryptocurrency contract is mainly to predict the rise and fall of the price of BTC, ETH, LTC, and other currencies in a certain period of time in the future.

  • Predict the market to be bullish → LONG → get profit from the price difference

    Predict the market to be bearish → SHORT → get profit from the price difference

    Explanation: If the market is predicted to be bullish, then go long and earn profit whenever the price goes up.

    Profit calculation:
    LONG (closing price / open price – 1) X Leverage X Capital

    SHORT (1 – Closing price / open price) X Leverage X Capital

  • Transaction fee incurs whenever a user closes an order with 0.045% of the actual value of the order. However, there will be no charges on open orders.

  • It is a cost to reward or impose charges on an order. Accumulated since order has been made at least an hour, a charge / reward is calculated by value X funding rate and at 0:00, 8:00, and 16:00 daily.

  • When an order loses around 90% of the margin, the system will force close the order automatically.

  • There will be no time limit to close an order unless users are using a bonus to trade. While you use a bonus to trade, there will a time limit of 24 hours. After 24 hours, the system will close the order automatically.

  • BinaricX uses USDT as the trading currency because USDT has the most stable value if compared with the other currencies.

  • Do more research and study the market, especially on products such as Bitcoins (BTC) before trading. Upon completing your research and study, you may start your market performance prediction on whether the market is bullish or bearish before trading. Use small capital as leverage to get high profit, perform risk management measures by using stop loss and stop profit.

  • A contract can be either bullish or bearish. At BinaricX, we base it on financial derivatives, such as CFDs which help to create super easy and usable financial products. With all these financial products, we allow users to make rapid investment and earn profit upon understanding the market insights.

  • Yes, BinaricX has many features that can assist users in trading. For instance, copy trader allows users to copy their preferred professional traders’ orders and gain profits thereafter. Users can choose to trade on their own through performing the risk management and stop loss and stop profit, in order to get the highest profit and lowest lost from every trade.

  • Safe!

    • We promise a full refund if the reduction in assets is due to the negligence of our services.
    • We have rigorous risk control to ensure the safety of users’ assets.