July’s Happy Week

7 July 2020

BinaricX Happy Trading Week, Trade To Survive! 😎

The more you trade, the more you get!
Start trading now and stay a chance to get reward 2000USDT PER DAY!!

Trading volume reaches a certain level, you will get a reward bonus start from 27th July 2020 till 2nd August 2020. The more you trade, the more you get. So don’t miss it, just trade it with BinaricX

The trading volume reward is divided into 5 categories:
• Trading volume reach 3000: 5 USDT (X10)Bonus
• Trading volume reach 8000: 15 USDT (X10)Bonus
• Trading volume reach 25000: 50 USDT (X10)Bonus
• Trading volume reach 60000: 100 USDT (X10)Bonus
• Trading volume reach 100000: 100 USDT (X20)Bonus

The Reward bonus will be issued to “My Bonus” in BinaricX account at the next day at 12:00 noon, and the Bonus effective period is 2 days.

What are you waiting for, come on join us now and get the bonus while you trade.

BinaricX, the more you trade, the more get!

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T&C Applied

Rules& Regulation
1. Participant’s account must be passed KYC real name authentication

2. The system will calculate the total volume of the transaction at the time 23:59 (+8 UTC Singapore time) by the following condition:
• User trading order has to be closed
• The order have must use USDT to trade
• Order that is using VST or Bonus are not include

3. There will get a bonus reward when the user trading account accumulates the total trading volume of up to 3,000 or more (including leverage) before 23:59 (+8 UTC Singapore time) per day.

4. The bonus is calculated based on the user’s cumulative trading volume to calculate the category, the categories are as follows:
🔎 Trading volume more than 3000:      5 USDT (X10) Bonus
🔎 Trading volume more than 8000:     15 USDT (X10) Bonus
🔎 Trading volume more than 25000:   50 USDT (X10) Bonus
🔎 Trading volume more than 60000:   100 USDT (X10) Bonus
🔎 Trading volume more than 100000: 100 USDT (X20) Bonus

5. Each account can only get a bonus once a day (excluding other promotion and event), the system will be reward based on the highest bonus to the user.

6. The reward bonus is valid for 2 days and must be used within 2 days after the bonus is issued, otherwise, the bonus will be overdue.

Promotion Period
– Promotion date; 2020/7/27 – 2020/8/2 23:59 (+ 8UTC Singapore time).
– The bonus will be issued at 12:00 noon (+8 UTC Singapore time) every day.

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By BinaricX Team