Notice about maintenance and upgrade of product in BinaricX (2020/04/22)

22 April 2020

Dear Valued User

Recently, due to the lack of overall liquidity in the global market, in order to improve the user’s trading experience, the following products will be maintained and upgraded. For the specific recovery time, please pay attention to the official announcement.

List of product that maintained and upgrade:

(Closing positions of orders already held by users will not be affected, and operations such as opening orders will not be possible during maintenance upgrades.)

In the near future, the platform will connect more head exchanges, participate in the calculation of the comprehensive market price index, deepen the depth and liquidity of the platform’s existing targets, and provide users with better trading experience.

Risk Warning:
Digital currencies are a new type of investment, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please make prudent trading decisions based on your true investment capabilities.
Wish you a happy trading!

BinaricX Operation Team