Popular Questions, What Are The Types Of Cryptocurrencies?

12 December 2019

Popular question, what are the types of cryptocurrencies?

  1. The US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates. The purpose of interest rate cuts is to promote consumption and investment. Bitcoin is a good investment product. Interest rate cuts have a positive effect on the price of Bitcoin.
  2. The UK has issued regulatory guidelines, and real cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are classified by the FCA as “transactional tokens”. Although applicable to anti-money laundering rules, they are not regulated.
  3. Google search rankings: “Bitcoin” search rate exceeds “stocks” in July 2019. This is the first time that Bitcoin’s search rate has exceeded stocks since October 2017, indicating that people are starting to generate interest on decentralized digital currencies.

What are the types of popular digital cryptocurrencies?

  1. Mainstream currency

To put it simply, mainstream currency refers to the top ten in terms of market value. This type of virtual currency can be considered a hard currency in the currency market. The price fluctuation is relatively more stable than other currencies. Novice leek can choose the currency.

  1. Altcoins

The cottage has been popular all over the country in the past few years, and everyone must know it, such as thirsty cola, Liuhe walnut, Kang Shuaifu and so on. In popular terms, altcoin refers to a blockchain asset that uses the bitcoin code as a template to modify the underlying blockchain technical parameters. Because bitcoin is open source, the cost of plagiarism is very low, even Copying the bitcoin code and slightly modifying some parameters can generate a brand new blockchain.

Altcoins generally have their own main chain or landing application scenarios or open source code. The more well-known digital currencies considered to be altcoins are: LTC, XRP, EOS, DASH, etc.

  1. Fork coins

At some point, if there is a consensus divergence between the core team and the two parties are evenly matched and refuse to budge, it will lead to a hard fork. One chain forks into two and develops independently, just like BTC forks out BTH and BCH forks out. BSV.

It should be noted here that not all hard forks can generate fork coins. A hard fork will only occur when the two sides are very different, and both sides have received enough community members to support the new fork. After all, blockchain is a world dominated by the masses!

  1. Air Coin

Aircoin is a white paper based on the blockchain project. It is a token issued in the form of a smart contract on the blockchain network. However, there is no actual technical team to develop and maintain it in accordance with the white paper. Digital currency. Aircoin has no actual landing application scenario, nor its own main chain, nor does it have effective open source code. Don’t touch!

  1. MLM Coin

The biggest feature of MLM coins is that they have nothing to do with the blockchain. It is just a “concept.” Do not fall, the name of the currency is generally arrogant. Don’t touch!

  1. Platform currency

Platform currency is one of the types of digital cryptocurrencies, which is an official cryptocurrency issued by a cryptocurrency trading platform. Under normal circumstances, holding platform currency can usually enjoy some special rights, such as using the platform platform currency on the trading platform for transactions, can reduce the fee and participate in platform activities.