System Update: Trigger Function Is Now Available

4 July 2020

Dear BinaricX’s user,

The trigger function is now available in BinaricX CFD Trading Platform. Now you can use the trigger function to pre-set your ideal market price. Hope this function can help you with your success in the trading route.

Description of Trigger Function:
When the market price reaches the price of the trigger you set (known as trigger price), the system will place the order as pre-set automatically.

Note: There is no guarantee that the pre-set order will place successfully once the trigger occurs.
1. Trigger function did not lock the margin that pre-set, therefore if when order trigger but the balance of wallet is insufficient this order will not be placed and the system will cancel the trigger order.
2. When the market volume is too high the market will fluctuate strongly. After the order is triggered, if the difference in the market price and the estimated price is more than 1.5% will also cancel trigger order.

Thanks for your support and trust in BinaricX CFD Trading Platform, we will provide you with a safe, fair, and comfortable trading environment!
BinaricX Operation Team